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3D fire in After Effects

3D fire in After Effects

Creating 3D fire in After Effects If your budget doesn’t stretch to pricey plug-in filters you can use the native effects to create…

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  • It is much more than just a software manual, Angie Taylor seeks to stimulate the creative use of computer animation.

  • The cabin is like a secret place, far from the madding crowd, with wifi… Loved it!

  • Of all the After Effects books I looked at whilst trying to learn it, I found Angie’s was the most user friendly and creative.

  • For those who want to focus on creating design and not get bogged down in technical jargon… Angie has a knack for demystifying the intricacies of After Effects and coming up with creative uses of the features.


  • One of my favorite demo artists in the industry. Her tutorials are always compelling, well-designed, and worthwhile.